We're everything you expect from a world-class data centre, with a sustainable difference.

In today's digital age, data centres play a critical role in supporting the infrastructure of modern businesses.
As such, we believe it is increasingly important that these facilities be designed and operated with a focus on sustainability.
Auckland Data Centre Grafton Road

#1 in Industry Sustainability

We're New Zealand's first data centre provider to employ a sustainable mindset across all facets of our business and practised in everything we do. With a average Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.14, this gives us the best green credentials in NZ.

We're leading the way in our industry with a continual focus on sustainable technologies, energy efficiency, and waste management.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest drivers of sustainability in our data centres is energy efficiency. Data centres consume a significant amount of energy, both for powering servers and for cooling the facility. As such, it is important to design and operate data centres in a way that minimizes energy consumption and reduces their carbon footprint.

DataVault apply numerous methods to achieve greater energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources, high-efficiency power supplies, centrifugal energy-saving cooling and ventilation, and other technologies.

Resource Management

Another important aspect of our data centre sustainability is through effective resource management.

This includes the responsible use of water, as well as the management of waste and other resources.

We utilise efficient cooling systems that minimize water and electricity usage, recycle or reclaim water for reuse, recycle e-waste and other recyclable materials - further reducing the impact on our environment.

Environmental Awareness

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Rooftop Solar Generation
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Our Mindfulness

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